16 DIY CD Craft Projects You Can Make Using Old and Scratched CDs

16 DIY CD Craft Ideas to Repurpose Old and Scratched CDs.

Compact Discs or CDs have been around for over 30 years and while it is still a popular medium, it is slowly losing ground to popular internet-based distribution services such as iTunes. While many of us still have many CDs remaining in our music collections, most people end up throwing them out if they’re scratched or not listening to them anymore.

If you like upcycling ideas, here are 16 DIY CD craft projects to reuse CDs. Create something you can use on a daily basis or create a unique handmade gift with recycled CDs.

1) Make DIY tree ornaments with CD pieces.

View a video tutorial for creating these sparkly DIY tree ornaments with recycled CDs.

2) Add an awesome mosaic look to your blouse collar.

Here are detailed instructions for adding a unique style to the collar of your blouse by using CDs.

3) Bring out your creative side by making CD wall decorations.

Here is how to make these gorgeous DIY CD wall decorations.

4) Create unique sun catchers with a CD and some creative crochet work.

Need more inspiration? Here are more designs to create these CD sun catchers.

5) Build a futuristic-looking lamp from a stack of CDs.

6) Create an iridescent mirror frame with this CD craft project.

This mirror looks great and here is how to make a CD mirror.

7) Build a tricycle flower pot.

All you need for this project is popsicle sticks, a plastic pot of margarine, CDs, and small plastic disposable cup for the bicycle basket. Using the photo as reference, paste the popsicle sticks to the margarine pot and paint with acrylic paint. Let it dry and use it as a decorative planter.

8) Create a stunning mosaic door.

9) Build a candle holder out of marbles and an old CD.

Here is how to build a candle holder with marbles and a CD.

10) Make this unique lamp with CDs and safety bottle caps.

11) Create an awesome bowl.

Once melted, they can be painted or just keep it as is. Here is how to melt CDs to make a bowl.

12) Make decorative coasters with colorful fabric pasted onto old CDs.

Here are detailed instructions for making CD coasters.

13) Create beautiful textured art with a CD and broken egg shells.

Broken egg shells? Here is what you will need to start creating this unique art piece.

14) Create a unique CD clock.

15) Make a CD necklace.

16 DIY Projects Using Old and Scratched CDs - Make a CD necklace.

In order to get that cool grid effect, you’ll need to microwave the CD for 5 seconds so please be careful if you do! Here is how to make this CD necklace.

16) Make a DIY mosaic CD picture frame.

Here is how to create a picture frame using old CD pieces and some paint.

Why throw away old and scratched CDs when you can repurpose them into beautiful works of art with these 16 CD craft ideas? Please share these 16 DIY CD craft projects and ideas using recycled CDs with your friends and family.

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