These Kids Wrote What They Wanted for Christmas and Their Parents Were Speechless.

I think if you asked most kids what they wanted from Santa at Christmas, it would most likely be a toy of some kind. IKEA in Spain did an IKEA ad entitled “The Other Letter” that features a social experiment. They asked 10 kids what they wanted from the Three Kings (Santa equivalent in Spain). In addition, IKEA also asked what they would want from their parents.

IKEA "The Other Letter" Ad Highlights What Kids Really Want for Christmas.

To add a surprising twist, they asked them what list they would send if they could only send one. Their answer might surprise you and it demonstrates that kids are not as materialistic as we sometimes assume.

Watch this IKEA ad entitled ‘The Other Letter’ where kids wrote what they wanted for Christmas…


This IKEA ad was not meant to embarrass the parents. Instead, it is meant for all parents to realize that spending quality time with their kids is more precious than anything money can buy.

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