Egofit Walker Treadmill Review

The Egofit Walker is light, compact and changes your opinion of what a walking treadmill should be. It is incredibly mobile and can be used in any room of your home because of its small footprint. It accommodates a maximum capacity of 254 pounds and can help burn up approximately 210 calories per hour.


  • Portable and efficient design makes for easy maneuverability.
  • Comfortable for walking at work or at home.
  • Provides an easy to read display for keeping track of speed, steps, time, and calories.


  • Most of the functions like turning it on or off or adjusting the speed can only be controlled using the remote.
  • The incline is fixed and cannot be adjusted.
  • Smaller walking stride can take some getting used to.

Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Where can I get one? It’s available for purchase in the U.S. through the Egofit Walker website or Amazon. It’s also available for purchase in Canada through AnthroDesk.

Walking is one of the best exercises for better health

Walking is sometimes underrated but it’s one of the most effective exercises for a healthy heart and maintaining good health. It’s low impact, accessible and has been proven to be just as effective as running. It doesn’t matter if you’re age 9 or 99, walking is something we have been doing since taking our first steps as a toddler and one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy throughout our lives.

Walking outside is one way to stay heart-healthy but there are times when we might prefer to walk inside. In those instances, walking on a treadmill becomes a great option for many people. The main problem with treadmills, however, is that they are large, heavy, cumbersome and become a piece of furniture you have to live with. Wouldn’t it be great to have a small treadmill you can easily move around from room to room and even store away when you’re not using it? The Egofit Walker is exactly that and it’s the world’s smallest and lightest electric treadmill built specifically for walking.


The Egofit Walker is 3 times smaller than a traditional treadmill and weighs only 43 pounds! It also comes fully assembled and is ready to use right out of the box. Build quality is impressive and it feels solid when you pick it up. The speed ranges from 1 to 5 km/h (0.6 to 3 mph) which is just perfect to allow you to perform activities such as typing or speaking on the phone while walking.

Because of its small footprint, the Egofit Walker makes it easy to walk in any room in your home and can easily be moved from room to room. It features two small wheels on the edge of the device that makes it easy to roll the unit around. Because it’s only a little over 40 pounds, I find it just as easy to pick it up by the two side handles and move it to any location this way. Whether you’re working at a standing desk during the day in your home office or watching TV in your living room in the evening, it’s easy to set up the Egofit Walker wherever you are.

Egofit Walker First Impressions

As mentioned before, the Egofit Walker is only 43 pounds and measures 29.5″ long by 19.7″ wide and is only 6.7 inches tall so it can easily be stored under a bed or even a sofa when not in use.

Egofit Walker First Impressions: Unboxing the Egofit Walker.
Unboxing the Egofit Walker

The system also features a remote control device to turn the Egofit Walker on and control the speed of the walking surface. The downside is that if you lose the remote or it becomes defective, you won’t be able to use the device until you receive a replacement remote control. It would have been nice if a smartphone app was available in these circumstances.

Egofit Walker First Impressions: Introducing the Egofit Walker.
Introducing the Egofit Walker

Intelligent Digital Display

It comes with a digital display that displays the number of steps you’ve taken, the amount of time you’ve been walking, the speed in kilometers, and an approximation of how many calories you’ve burned. The speed ranges from 1 kilometer per hour (0.6 mph) up to 5 kilometers per hour (3 mph). As its name states, the Egofit Walker is made for walking and this speed range combined with the fixed incline makes it a great workout. The fixed incline could be a negative attribute for some users but for me, I actually enjoy the fixed incline and rarely adjust the incline on traditional treadmills anyways.

Patented walking traction control system

One thing I immediately noticed was how smooth it was and made it feel like you were walking on a full-sized treadmill. According to the makers of Egofit Walker, the unit features a walking traction control system which is patented and helps produce a smooth and steady walking motion on such a small device.

Egofit Walker First Impressions: Ready to try it out!
Ready to try it out!

Whisper Quiet

Generally, you would think a smaller treadmill would be much louder but it’s the exact opposite. It is whisper quiet and for this reason, makes it a great addition to any office. If fact, the only sound you will hear is your own footsteps as you walk. Using the noise app on my Apple Watch, the noise level when running the treadmill at its highest speed was only 49 dB.

Even running at its highest speed, the noise level is less than 50 dB.

Ease of Use

Because it’s so easy to use the Egofit Walker any time during the day and literally anywhere in your home, reaching a popular walking goal of 10,000 steps has never been more achievable. I have walked on the Egofit Walker in my living room, my home office, and even my bedroom and I look forward to walking every single day.

Nearly everybody knows that sitting down at a desk all day eventually takes a toll on our health. It can lead to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and many other health issues. Even if you only walk 30 minutes a day, it can cut your stroke risk by 24%. The Egofit Walker makes it so accessible that there really are no excuses for not getting some exercise in your day.

Storing the Egofit walker is even easier. Unlike large treadmills that weigh hundreds of pounds, it doesn’t need to stay in only one place. You can roll it under your bed or sofa or even lay it up vertically against a wall when not in use.

Egofit Walker Specifications

Dimension (W, L, H): 19.7″/50cm x 29.5″/75cm x 6.7″/17cm

Weight: 43lbs/19.5kgs

Motor: 3HP

Folding: No

Max Speed: 1-5 kph (0.6-3 mph)

Walking area (W, L): 15.75”/400mm x 28.74”/730mm

Maximum Weight Capacity: 254 lbs/115kgs

Electrical Requirements: 120V

Other Features: Ergonomic fixed incline, maneuverable wheels, auto recenter system, patented walking traction control system.

My experience walking on the Egofit Walker

For most of my workday, I generally type and read articles on my laptop. Walking at a speed of 1 to 2 km/h allows me to type comfortably and concentrate on my work. During the evening, I bring it to the living room and walk a couple of hours while watching TV instead of sitting down. Initially, I did pay more attention to my walking stride since I’ve used longer treadmills in the past, but after a few sessions, I don’t even notice that I was walking on a treadmill that measures less than 2 1/2 feet long!

When you look at videos of people walking (not running) on treadmills, their walking stride is not much longer than 2-3 feet. In most cases, people only use one-third of the walking surface on a traditional treadmill anyways. Running, on the other hand, requires a much larger stride and would not be feasible on the Egofit Walker. But that’s not what the Egofit Walker is designed for, it’s designed for walking.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Egofit Walker and would recommend it to anyone that wants to walk at various times during the day and not be confined to only one room. It’s portable, great for walking, and could help you reach your health and fitness goals. For more information or if you want to purchase one, don’t forget to visit the Egofit Walker website, Amazon if you’re in the U.S. or AnthroDesk if you’re in Canada.

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EGOFIT Walker Under Desk Walking Treadmill Pad Machine Working with Standing Desk for Office & Home 3MPH
  • The World's SMALLEST & LIGHTEST Electric Walking Treadmill. Comes fully assembled.
  • Perfect to walk with standing desk in office or small apartment.
  • 3 times smaller than the conventional walking treadmill, Just as powerful
  • 254lbs Maximum user weight. | 43lbs net weight | 100% pre-assembled | tracking display for Steps / Time / Speed / Calorie.
  • Patented walking traction control system makes for smooth and steady walking, comfort and increases the lifespan of the motor by a factor of 5X’s

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