This Is the World’s Most Dangerous Trail but You Won’t Believe Why People Climb It.

As enjoyable as a cup of tea on top of a mountain sounds, my fear of heights would make me pass on this one. Mount Huashan is renowned for being the world’s most dangerous hiking trail but also has been a place of religious significance for over 2,200 years. Around 200 BC, the Xiyue was constructed to honor the god of Mount Huashan during the reign of Emperor Wudi.

The mountain features a series of stairs that seem to go on forever and eventually lead to Plank Road, a plank path built on the side of a cliff overlooking a bottomless gulf that strikes fear to anyone with a fear of heights. This path is arguably the most dangerous trail in the world.

The base of Mount Huashan is called “the Heavenly Stairs” and while safe, it leads you to one of the most dangerous trails.


It can seem like the stairs are endless.


Over time, homes and little villages were created alongside the mountain.



Once you make it to the summit, a gondola awaits to take you to the Southern peak where plank road was built.



Plank road is a path built by Monks, nuns and pilgrims to make it possible to traverse the mountain and reach its peak.



Every year, thousands of tourists hike up the mountain.


Planks to walk on and chains to grasp are the only tools you get to climb the mountain.


Anybody attempting this hike needs to be extremely alert as fatal falls happen every year. One misstep could mean the difference between life and death.


If someone is going in the opposite direction, it presents even more challenges.


The paths also have flags that indicate other paths alongside the mountain.


Do not look down! At one point in the path, you need to climb up by holding onto the chains and using the indents in the mountain to secure your feet.


Toe holes have been hammered out to help with the climb but hold on tightly to the chains!



You’re not done yet! There is now a long path to climb to make it to the peak of the mountain.



At the Southern peak, people have reached their destination, a teahouse.

Just looking at these pictures makes me sweat and I have the highest respect for anybody who attempts hiking this trail. Please share the world’s most dangerous hiking trail at Mount Huashan with your friends and family.

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