A Helicopter Pilot Flew Her to the Top of a Mountain. When I Saw What She Did Next, My Jaw Dropped.

Ice skating videos of figure skater on top of a mountain at over 5000 Feet.

Most skaters dream of skating at some of the most prestigious venues but can some of them say they’ve skated on a mountain top nearly 5,000 feet in the air? When Helicopter pilot Bradley Friesen asked his friend Katrina Lazzarotto if she wanted to figure skate on top of a mountain, she was so nervous but knew she couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Although Lazzarotto hasn’t skated in nearly four years, she knew it would come back to her the minute she would get on the ice. When Friesen arrived at the summit of a mountain in British Columbia, Canada, Lazzarotto couldn’t contain her excitement. Friesen captured incredible footage while flying overhead and the resulting footage is stunning.

Watch amazing ice skating videos of figure skating at 5,000 feet in the mountains…


She had the time of her life and was so grateful for the opportunity to skate on a frozen lake atop a mountain. Please share this incredible footage of a young woman figure skating on a mountain top with your friends and family.

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