It May Look like an Ordinary Trailer but It Transforms into the Ultimate Camper

If Apple ever decided to design a mobile urban camper, it would probably look a lot like the following urban camper. It was actually designed in 1985 by Eduard Bohtlingk and is named ‘The Marquis’.

It is a very small trailer when its awnings are closed but when the walls of the trailer are opened, it reveals nearly 3 times more floorspace and almost turns into a small apartment. This and many other trailers are displayed in Amsterdam at The Urban Campsite, a yearly exposition of unique mobile campers that runs for 6 weeks between August and September. Guests can reserve to stay in any of the campers that are on display.

It may look like an ordinary trailer when closed but it opens up like an accordion.


It opens up into the ultimate camping trailer.


It was designed in 1985 by Eduard Bohtlingk and it has received several architectural awards over the years.


It is one of the most popular trailers at Urban Campsite, a unique campsite that features unique urban campers designed by talented artists and architects.


It features enough room for four people to sleep comfortably and even has a divider.


The collapsible walls offer privacy in the bedroom while a clear wall is available for the living/dining area.


The kitchen is luxurious and has the amenities of a modern kitchen including stainless steel appliances.



The interior is very contemporary and offers maximum space with such a small footprint.


The living area has clear walls which can be closed if there are flies or mosquitoes bothering you in the evening.



The floor plan showcases how much square footage there really is when it is fully opened.


It’s a great example of the tiny home movement where spaces are becoming smaller but more practical.


Camping in style with The Marquis urban camper.

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