This Thundercloud Lamp Is so Awesome It Puts All Other Lamps to Shame

Today, all you hear about is that everything is in the cloud. Your music is in the cloud. Your photos are in the cloud. Well, now your lamp and Bluetooth speaker can literally be in a cloud.

This cloud lamp and speaker system designed by Richard Clarkson Studio is one lamp that gets noticed. The actual cloud is created from a sponge frame covered with hypoallergenic fiberfill but inside it is filled with a sophisticated audio and speaker system, motion sensors, and multicolor lighting systems. All of it can be controlled via a custom remote control.

The Cloud is an interactive lamp and Bluetooth speaker. It also contains motion sensors and a microphone so that it can react to music or ambient noise.


It is created from hypoallergenic fiberfill and this allows incredible lighting effects that lets you hear and “see” your music.


Inside this black box is where the magic happens and everything is controlled by a microprocessor, motion sensors, and a Bluetooth speaker system. It was built on the Arduino platform so tech-savvy customers can tweak the code to add or improve existing functions.


It is bound to get everybody gazing at the ceiling and watching the cloud lamps interact with its surroundings using the motion and sound sensors.


Watch how the smart cloud lamp interacts to music and motion such as hand gestures.

Cloud from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

This is one of the most unique lamps I’ve ever seen and the best part is you can buy it directly from Richard Clarkson Studio. There are several different models including a tiny cloud, a lamp only cloud, and the smart cloud.

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