Teen Cuts Off 9-Year-Old Dreadlocks. His Mom’s Reaction When He Opens the Door Is Priceless!

Teen Cuts Off 9-Year-Old Dreadlocks To Surprise His Mom.

Teens love change and while Max loved his long, well-kept dreadlocks, he wanted a different look. Even though the dreadlocks Max had were epic and a point of envy, he decided to cut them off. Unlike this little boy that shaved his own head, he thankfully had a little help from his dad.

While Max’s mother supported her son expressing his identity and sense of style, she secretly wished her son’s hair be neatly trimmed. Because Max loves his mom, he decided to fulfill her wish and also try a new look.

Watch this teen surprise his mom by cutting off his 9-year-old dreadlocks…


As you watch each dreadlock clipped away one by one, it’s amazing how Max’s youthful face emerges underneath all of his hair! When his mother opens the door, she is totally unprepared to see the shiny new person opening the door. Her reaction is priceless and so heartwarming.

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