Kittens Were Swimming Towards Their Boat and These Fishermen Couldn’t Believe It

Kittens Swimming Towards a Boat on Black Warrior River.

If you love fishing then you probably have caught a few catfish on fishing adventures. Two fishermen in Alabama definitely didn’t catch catfish they normally would catch but instead caught something much cuter!

As the fishermen were getting ready for a day of fishing on the Warrior River, one of them saw something swimming towards their boat in the distance. As he reaches his hand down into the water, he pulls out an adorable kitten but he wasn’t done yet!

Watch these fishermen “cat fishing” on the Warrior River. Kittens swimming towards a boat…


Just like these divers helping a Manta Ray tangled in fishing line, you never know what you’ll encounter in or on the water. This is one animal rescuer that couldn’t believe what he just saw and sums it up by saying, “There‚Äôs a first time for everything.”

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