Donald Trump Impersonator Walks on Stage. The Audience Is Shocked When He Does THIS! OMG!!

Singing Donald Trump Impersonator at America's Got Talent 2017.

Donald Trump made history when he became the 45th President of the United States of America but his appointment into office hasn’t been without controversy. I think we can all agree that the country needs to laugh but can a singing Donald Trump impersonator win over the crowd at America’s Got Talent 2017? You be the judge!

During his audition at America’s Got Talent, this “Donald Trump” certainly had judges Simon, Heidi, Mel, and Howie in stitches. In fact, the entire crowd loved his performance so much, he deserved a standing ovation!

Watch the Singing Trump channel Bruno Mars during his AGT 2017 audition…


He deserved all the positive attention and he’s a talented comedian too! Please share this funny performance of Singing Trump with your friends and family.

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