23 Learning Apps for Kids That Are Sure to Make Learning Fun!

There is no denying that kids of all ages love using tablets and smartphones. This presents a great opportunity for developers to create fun and creative kids learning apps for learning how to read, learning math and arithmetic, and learning any other subject you can think of.

With innovative games and activities, kids will quickly forget they are learning and can quickly reinforce what they learn in school. Here are 23 of the best kids learning apps that are sure to keep young minds active and engaged.

1) Dr. Panda Train app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Dr. Panda Train.

All aboard!! Kids learning apps like the super cute Dr. Panda Train lets kids become a conductor and take passengers on the trip of their lives! As a conductor, kids make sure that passengers have everything they need and explore exciting locations that are sure to make learning fun.

Dr. Panda Train – Ages 5 and under – Available for iOS, Android, and Amazon.

2) ColorBand app

23 Kids Learning Apps - ColorBand.

Wouldn’t it be great to paint pictures with sounds? With the ColorBand app, you can! Children love to create and with painting AND sounds, their creativity can be unleashed. With over 80 different colors having a unique instrument or sound effect, kids will not only love admiring their art masterpieces but listen to them too!

Ting-Wei Liu – Ages 5 and under – Kids learning apps available for iOS.

3) Duolingo app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Duolingo app

With over 1.7 million users, the Duolingo app is the most fun way to learn new languages or refine your existing vocabulary. With Duo the owl following your progress and the ability to compete against friends, these and so many other features makes Duolingo a winner!

Duolingo – Ages 8 and up – Available for iOS and Android.

4) Endless Numbers app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Endless Numbers.

With 100 numbers and puzzles to learn and play, the Endless Numbers line of kids learning apps makes learning numerical sequences fun! Interactive and equation puzzles reinforce basic numeracy skills while providing a fun interface with delightful animations that kids will love. The app also features no high scores or time limits and lets kids learn at their own pace.

Originator Inc. – Ages 5 and under – Available for iOS and Android.

5) Endless Reader app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Endless Reader.

Much like the great collection of kids learning apps such as Endless Numbers and Endless Alphabet, the Endless Reader app lets kids put what they learn to the test. Using fun activities with sight words in sentences helps kids understand not only how to read but understand the context of sight words.

Originator Inc. – Ages 5 and under – Available for iOS and Android.

6) Fish School app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Fish School.

Kids will enjoy playing and learning with 8 educational activities that take place in a playful underwater world of the Fish School kids learning apps. Children will learn numbers, letters, colors, shapes, and the names of a variety of sea life characters.

Duck Duck Moose – Ages 2 to 5 – Available for iOS and Android.

7) Flow Free app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Flow Free.

If your child likes puzzle games, Flow Free is an addictive puzzle game that will keep young minds active. Connect pipes of the same color to pair them and create a flow but one of the challenges is that you can’t cross them.

Big Duck Games – Fun for all ages – Available for iOS and Android.

8) Grammaropolis app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Grammaropolis.

If you thought it was impossible to make learning grammar fun with kids learning apps, think again! The Grammaropolis app makes learning verbs, adjectives, adverbs fun with your host Nelson the noun and many other characters.

Grammaropolis – Ages 6 and up – Available for iOS and Android.

9) Habitat the Game app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Habitat the Game.

The world’s habitats are in danger so it’s time to adopt a polar bear and save the world! Just like the Tamagotchi craze of the 90s, your job in Habitat the Game is to complete tasks and keep your adopted polar bear healthy.

Elevator Entertainment – Ages 6 and up – Kids learning apps like Habitat the Game available for iOS and Android.

10) LumiKids Park app

23 Kids Learning Apps - LumiKids Park.

An award-winning app, LumiKids Park lets kids enjoy intuitive and adaptive activities that will keep them laughing and engaged. Your child gets to explore an interactive park filled with exciting activities like sorting little water colors based on their color, size, and shape. Also, enhance their motor skills by having to feed flying critters and so much more with kids learning apps like LumiKids!

Lumos Labs – Ages 5 and under – Available for iOS and Android.

11) Middle School Math Planet app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Middle School Math Planet.

Learning is always more engaging when learning is fun. Middle School Math Planet is so much fun that kids won’t even even know they are learning. With over 30 games supporting Common Core State Standards, children will get a fun math game curriculum that teaches the skills and knowledge they need.

Playpower Labs – Ages 8 and up – Available for iOS.

12) NASA Visualization Explorer app

23 Kids Learning Apps - NASA Visualization Explorer.

Take a journey to the outer reaches of space with the NASA Visualization Explorer app. Kids and teens will love learning about the latest developments at NASA and the exciting research and planets they discover.

NASA – Ages 5 and up – Available for iOS and Android.

13) Phonics Ninja app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Phonics Ninja.

This exciting education game will let your child “slice” through letters, numbers, phonic blends and digraphs. They’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning to read.

Innovative Investments – Ages 5 and under – Available on iOS.

14) Pizza Fractions 1 app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Pizza Fractions 1.

Most kids don’t like fractions but they do love pizza! Make learning fractions fun by counting delicious pizza slices and associating them with the available fractions. Perfect for kids in grade levels 2 to 5, learning fractions has never been more fun than with Pizza Fractions.

Brian West – Ages 6 and up – Available for iOS.

15) Quizlet Flashcards app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Quizlet Flashcards.

Using flashcards is an effective learning technique and the Quizlet app lets you create your own flashcards or choose millions of other flashcards creates by Quizlet users. Praised by students and teacher, the app lets you learn thousands of subjects and makes learning fun and easy with instant feedback.

Quizlet – Ages 8 and up – Available for iOS and Android.

16) SAT Word Slam Free

23 Kids Learning Apps - SAT Word Slam.

Rhyming poems, humor, and logical mnemonic (memory) clues are just some of the fun activities you’ll encounter in the SAT Word Slam Free app. Feel confident tackling SAT tests and exams by learning the right way with one of the best SAT study apps.

Slammin Productions – Ages 12 and up – Available for iOS

17) ScratchJr app

23 Kids Learning Apps - ScratchJr.

Learning to code is an essential skills that not only improves problem solving skills but also helps children learn key math and science concepts. The ScratchJr app lets kids create their own interactive stories or games with unique graphical programming blocks. Learning how computer programs work introduces logical thinking and is based on the popular Scratch programming language.

Scratch Foundation – Ages 5 and up – Available for iOS and Android.

18) Science360 app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Science360.

Featuring weekly science content from around the globe, Science360 offers videos, images, and news to engage young minds. Scientific content is produced by the National Science Foundation (NSF) or gathered from scientists, colleges and universities meaning it will be relevant and accurate.

National Science Foundation – Ages 10 and up – Available for iOS and Android.

19) SkyView® – Explore the Universe app

23 Kids Learning Apps - SkyView® - Explore the Universe.

How exciting would it be to point your iPhone at the sky and let children find stars, planets, constellations, satellites, and so much more! With the SkyView app from Terminal Eleven, it’s a reality and with over 1.7 million downloads, it’s also one of the most popular space education apps.

Terminal Eleven – Ages 8 and up – Available for iOS.

20) Thinking Blocks Multiplication app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Thinking Blocks Multiplication.

Learning multiplication and division isn’t easy but with the help of the Thinking Blocks Multiplication app, visual learning takes learning to a whole new level. The app teaches children how to solve word problems using multiplication and division and also displays progress made along the way.

Math Playground – Ages 7 and up – Available for iOS.

21) Toca Kitchen Monsters app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Toca Kitchen Monsters.

What better way to get kids interested in cooking than having to feed two hungry monsters! Pick any ingredients and prepare delicious food with no time limits, no high scores, and no stressful music. Simply have fun cooking with the Toca Kitchen Monsters app!

Toca Boca – Ages 5 and under – Available for iOS.

22) Todo Math app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Todo Math.

Over 700 math activities that are kid-tested and educator-approved, the Todo Math app will help your child build and master foundational math skills. This award-winning app lets kids have fun building math skills that are aligned to Common Core State Standards by collecting monsters, winning prizes and leveling up!

Enuma – Ages 6 and up – Available for iOS and Android.

23) Vocabulary Spelling City app

23 Kids Learning Apps - Vocabulary Spelling City.

With fun games like Spelling TestMe, Missing Letter, and Alphabetize, children won’t even know they are learning. The Vocabulary Spelling City app has engaging activities that lets kids learn at their own pace with the convenience of learning spelling and vocabulary words on the go.

SpellingCity – Ages 6 and up – Available for iOS, Android, and Kindle.

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