Seniors Began to Dance and They Startled the Entire Crowd. Now This Is Dancing!

Jackie and Charlie Dancing the Shag Dance at ShagAtlanta in 2013.

If you’ve never heard of a dance called the shag, you’re probably not from South Carolina. In South Carolina, the shag is the state dance! Jackie McGee and Charlie Womble are husband and wife and they could be called the ambassadors of the shag dance. They have incredible dance moves that make you want to learn it just by watching!

At a ShagAtlanta 2013 ACSC Summer Workshop, they showed their dancing skills to an amazed crowd that couldn’t stop cheering. While they are technically seniors, they sure don’t move like seniors and they are encouraging younger dancers to learn shag dancing and pass along the tradition.

Watch Jackie McGee and Charlie Womble shag dance at ShagAtlanta 2013!


Their shag dancing routine is incredible and I’m willing to bet that even younger couples would have a difficult time keeping up with them. Please share this incredible couple demonstrating the shag with your friends and family.

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