Two People Enter an Elevator. Watch What the Camera Caught Him Doing Next! OMG!

Retiring Officer Dances To Watch Me (WhipNae Nae) in Elevator.

Police officers and other people with careers in law enforcement risk their lives every day to ensure our safety. Police officers need to be on guard all the time; however, it is great to see them take some time to have fun.

After 29 years of service, Deputy Tony Scherb of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office recently retired and was on his way home. The elevator was recently retrofitted with a camera to record any malfunctions and when he entered the elevator, it was empty and Silentó’s hit, ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)’ was playing in the background.

Because he was such in a great mood, he decided to bust up some dance moves; however, it gets even more hilarious when another officer enters the elevator with him! The elevator camera didn’t record any malfunctions on this occasion but it definitely recorded officers having fun!

Watch these officers dance to ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)’…


This deputy dedicated nearly 30 years of his life to ensure the safety of others. He definitely deserves to dance and celebrate his retirement!

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