Australian-based Photographer Captures the Most Breathtaking Photos of Ocean Waves

The ocean is a mysterious place and at dusk, it almost seems ominous. Ray Collins is an Australian-based photographer that magically captures a wave at the perfect time as it begins to crest.

Collins began taking photographs of surfers in 2007 but found that the photo subject he enjoyed the most was actually capturing the wave. Most of the photos are taken at sunset or on a cloudy day so the waves almost seem to take on a menacing appeal and almost gives them a personality.

Australian-based photographer Ray Collins captures amazing photos of ocean waves. Here is just a sample of his amazing photos.

H/t: LifeBuzz

The ocean is full of secrets like these sperm whales sleeping vertically. If you’d like to see more mesmerizing photos of the ocean, visit his website. Please share these amazing photos of ocean waves by wave photographer Ray Collins with your friends and family.

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