Kids Will Love This Rainbow Leopard Cake and Adults Will Want a Second Piece Too!

Rainbow Leopard Print Cake - Learn How With This Video Recipe.

With my baking abilities, the best I could do are cakes in a jar but I might attempt this awesome rainbow leopard cake from the food blog Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio. At first glance, it does look pretty difficult to make but after watching the tutorial, it looks somewhat easy.

It terms of ingredients, all you need is 6 cups of prepared cake batter, 6 cups of vanilla buttercream frosting, and several colors of gel paste (sky blue, deep pink, yellow, orange, regal purple, and super black). The more vibrant your colors, the more awesome your cake will look. So, don’t skimp on the coloring and only get the best! Watch how to assemble this incredible rainbow leopard print cake.

Watch this rainbow leopard print cake video recipe by Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio!


Rainbow Leopard Print Cake Ingredients:

Watch video for directions or get recipe directions here.

Watching people eat something you’ve baked and prepared on your own is always exciting and this cake will not disappoint! Please share this easy recipe for making a rainbow leopard cake with your friends and family.

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