Toddler Creates Impressive yet Funny Mission Impossible-Style Action Scene

Toddler Creates Mission Impossible-style Action Scene Full of Stunts.

There are certain rules when creating action movies. They should have a hero to root for and a villain we just love to hate. They should have nail-biting action sequences with a final showdown between good and evil. And finally, explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.

A toddler recently starred in his own Mission Impossible action sequence and it’s hilarious. While he doesn’t have explosions he makes it up with enthusiasm and death-defying stunts. He even has a final showdown with his nemesis, a ‘Paw Patrol’ bop bag!

Watch this toddler star in his own action movie entitled ‘Mission Impossible – Toddler Edition’…


I can’t wait for the sequel to ‘Mission Impossible – Toddler Edition’! Tom Cruise likes to do his stunts for every Mission Impossible movie and this little guy likes to do his own stunts as well. No stunt doubles for this toddler! Just like these famous gun scenes replaced with a thumbs up, this toddler’s movie gets a thumbs up as well.

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