23 Movie Action Scenes Where Guns Were Replaced with a Thumbs-Up. Hilarious!

These tough guys don’t need guns to defeat villains. They use a positive “can do” attitude.

Some people say that movies today have a lot of guns and a lot of violence. One blog, Thumbs and Ammo, replaces guns in famous scenes from action movies with enthusiastic thumbs-up and the results are hilarious. Here are 23 modified action scenes where the only thing these tough guys carry are positive vibes.

1) “Scarface”

2) “Star Wars”

3) “The Big Lebowski”

4) “Hellboy”

5) “RoboCop”

6) “Pulp Fiction”

7) “Django Unchained”

8) “Bullet to the Head”

9) “Star Trek”

10) “Taken”

11) “Looper”

12) “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”

13) “Mission Impossible 3”

14) “Commando”

15) “No Country For Old Men”

16) “Natural Born Killers”

17) “In Bruges”

18) “Taxi Driver”

19) “James Bond”

20) “Batman Returns”

21) “Die Hard”

22) “The A-Team”

23) “Rambo”

H/t: Thumbs & Ammo

Good always triumphs over evil and these guys are doing it one thumbs-up at a time! Please share these hilarious movie stills where guns were replaced with a thumbs-up with your friends and family.

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