This Dog Leaves the House Everyday and Takes the Bus by Herself! The Reason Why Will Make You Laugh!

Metro Dog Eclipse Rides Seattle Bus All the Way to the Dog Park.

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and the silly things they do can make you laugh. Eclipse the metro dog is a Labrador / Bull Mastiff mix and she just loves going to the dog park. She looks forward to going every single day and one day her owner was taking too long so she ended up taking the bus by herself!

Since that moment, Eclipse the metro dog has taken the bus many times and knows where her bus stop is and where she needs to get off. Meanwhile, her owner meets her at the dog park and they take the bus back home together.

Watch Eclipse the metro dog riding the bus alone and winning the hearts of her fellow passengers…


In fact, Eclipse is so used to taking the bus herself that she has her very own bus pass attached to her dog collar! Please share this wonderful metro dog named Eclipse who loves taking the bus to the doggie park with your friends and family.

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