A Retired Naval Officer Sings ‘God Bless America’ and Leaves the Audience Speechless

November 11th is an important day to give thanks to soldiers around the world that have fought to keep our country safe. We are blessed to live in peace and ‘God Bless America’ is a fitting hymn sung by retired Navy Petty Officer Generald Wilson during the 2013 World Series.

Retired Navy Officer Generald Wilson sings "God Bless America".

As everyone rises, he begins singing with a powerful voice that makes you feel every word and gives you chills. The crowd is speechless after hearing such an amazing rendition of a classic patriotic song. It was so incredible that the entire stadium couldn’t stop cheering after that final note.

Watch Generald Wilson sing ‘God Bless America’ during the 2013 World Series…


Here are some of my favorite comments from the video, “Generald Wilson sings ‘God Bless America'” by MLB:

  1. “Guys voice makes me tear up for some reason. He sings it how it’s meant to be.” – Rollsroyce44
  2. “What a great voice. Can’t watch this without shedding a tear.” – Ron Snayberger
  3. “God Bless this beautiful voice.” – Dixie
  4. “Now that’s how you’re supposed to sing. You can tell from his voice, he loves his country. This man is putting his heart and soul into this song.” – Atlsuperman
  5. “This is a voice. No music, no accompanying instruments, simply his voice.¬† Bravo Zulu!!!! Navy retired here also.” – Arthur J
  6. “It’s all about that salute at the end……straight-up boss.” – coffee4coffee
  7. “I love that Patriotic song..”From the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam”…what imagery.” – Dennis Giaimo
  8. “My God, what a set of pipes! Beautiful! Best rendition I’ve ever heard. Better than any pretentious wimpy celeb version.” – GeoS
  9. “That was freaking beautiful.” – TrueCRaysball

If you enjoyed this performance by Generald¬†Wilson, you’ll also enjoy ‘Coming Home’ sung by The Soldiers. Please share this heartfelt performance by retired Navy Petty Officer Generald Wilson with your friends and family.

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