Check out This Giant DIY Fluffy Blanket That You’ll Love to Snuggle Under

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Imgur user Otterknot captured clouds with her bare hands and then created a large fluffy blanket out of them. This giant chunky knit blanket looks incredibly comfy and instead was created using large strands of wool and knitted using long PVC pipes as knitting needles!

Obviously, it involved a lot of preparation before the actual knitting but it was worth it and you get a unique blanket that would be very difficult to find in a store.

Imgur user Otterknot knitted a giant blanket that looks incredibly warm and fluffy.

First, she laid out the wool battling in rows to get the right thickness.

Then she created long tubes of wool and tied them down at every foot or so. This allows the wool to be washed in the tub without breaking apart.

She hung the wool out to dry and soon had wool that was ready to knit.

Tools of the trade. She used long pieces of PVC pipes for knitting needles.

The knitting process has begun. Who knew you could get a workout while knitting?

This is the end product and her chunky knit blanket looks fantastic!

H/t: Laughing Squid

This looks like an awesome knitting project and if you want to create one yourself, there is a chunky knit blanket pattern available at Nocturnal Knits or you can buy a completed blanket on Etsy if you don’t knit! Please share this DIY giant chunky knit blanket with your friends and family!

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