This Woman Forgets What Side Her Gas Cap Is on and You’ll Be LOL

I’m sure this has happened to everyone at least once. You buy a car or you’re just in a rush and you drive up to a gas pump only to realize your gas cap is on the other side.

It happened to this woman on her way to work; however, it happened not once but five times! She must have forgotten to have a cup of coffee but watching it is incredibly fun nonetheless.

Watch this woman confused about what side her gas tank is on…


I was on the floor laughing the first time I saw it. It is too funny but in the end, she managed to park on the right side and fill up her tank.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video of a woman unsure what side her gas cap is on:

  1. “This person is allowed to drive?” – tumbika
  2. “The girl with the Beetle saved her from running out of gas while try to fill up :P” – Mario Hennenberger
  3. “If that Bug didn’t show up that lady would still be there today.” – Robin Damien
  4. “Oh wow, how do some people survive…” – Zoe’s Zoo
  5. “Had the other car not arrived, she would only stop going round and round when she ran out of fuel ????” – DocDudix
  6. “What a stunning lack of spatial awareness.” – Deadpankan
  7. “How can someone lack such basic logic or sense. She must’ve been drunk or something.” – John Thimakis
  8. “Where’s the benny hill music?” – Thomas Lege
  9. “Maybe it was the first time she tried to fill up. Maybe it was the first time she drove. Maybe it was the first time she was allowed out of the mental institute. Maybe she has just escaped from the mental institute.” – 40RTY 7EVEN

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