20 Titanic Movie Mistakes That You Probably Didn’t Notice

I was in college when Titanic was released and it was a huge movie. I remember all the girls in my class couldn’t stop gushing about Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, just the word ‘Titanic’ would cause somebody to blurt out their favorite scene in the movie or proclaim their love for Leonardo DiCaprio. Some even noticed┬ásome Titanic movie mistakes which made me want to watch it even more.

Today, it still stands as one of Jame Cameron’s best films and arguably one of the most successful films ever made. But, Titanic supposedly was a huge production headache. Its budget doubled from $100 million to over $200 million and this may have led to movie mistakes┬áduring shoots.

1) Where is all this glass coming from?

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Glass reappears.

2) Titanic movie mistakes prove foam is safer anyways.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Metal capstan actually wrinkled foam.

3) I hope that was a rubber axe!

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Rose hits Jack's wrist with axe.

4) I would never have noticed Titanic movie mistakes like this one.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Camera reflected in door.

5) Where’s my stylist!

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Jack's hair slicks itself back.

6) Gravity wins on this one.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Ship is slanted but boat hangs vertically.

7) Those CGI shadows need a bit of work.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Actual hat much smaller than shadow.

8) This wouldn’t be a mistake if she had two.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Beauty mark switches side.

9) Is this magic paper?

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Line suddenly becomes faint.

10) I doubt he would have time to put it on while falling.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Lifejacket appears on man.

11) Titanic movie mistakes like this one are easy to spot.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Position of axe changes.

12) How many Titanic replicas did they build?

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Gap shrinks in different shots.

13) Again, where’s my stylist!

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Hair untucks itself from behind ear.

14) That is some necklace.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Position of necklace's stone changes.

15) Where’s my glasses.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Fixed objects vanish from deck.

16) Blame it on the CGI people.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Pipe changes shape.

17) Again, blame it on the CGI people for tech-related Titanic movie mistakes. They forgot to erase those out.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Wires pull people into tear in the deck.

18) He probably felt they were cramping his style.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Suspenders disappear.

19) It almost seems like he’s trying to remember where he put it.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Folder disappears from hand.

20) Titanic movie mistakes featuring coats with the wrong color AND length? They didn’t even try on this one.

20 Titanic Movie Mistakes - Color and length of coat change.

H/t: MovieMistakes.com

Every movie has mistakes during production and James Cameron is still one of my favorite filmmakers with amazing blockbusters like Terminator, Aliens, and Avatar. You may have seen the Titanic in historical photos but Cameron’s masterpiece brought the tragic story of the Titanic to the masses.

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