He Went on a Road Trip to Show Strangers How to Dance. The End Result Was Captured on Video and It’s AWESOME!

100 People of Dance Is the Result of a Road Trip and the Love of Dance.

Dancing is possibly one of the oldest forms of expression and it is truly universal. Whether it’s a 2-year-old dancing the jive or seniors dancing to a Charlie Brown Medley at a retirement home, dancing is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Matt Bray loves life and wanted to share his love of dancing with people he met while on a 10,000 mile road trip across the US and Canada. It’s a huge endeavor but with the help of his camera and the willingness of complete strangers to dance along, his video will make you smile.

It took Matt two months and living out on the road for a month and half. He met 100 people that were willing to learn his dance routine set to the song ‘Gone’ by JR JR. He posted the video to his YouTube channel called ProjectOneLife and it’s one of the best compilations you will ever see!

Watch 100 people dance in this unique video by ProjectOneLife…


I’ve done my share of video editing and editing ‘100 People of Dance’ must have entailed a lot of work! Syncing all of these dancing parts together with the music is not easy. The end result is something Matt should be proud of. He also brought so many smiles to the random people he met along the way.

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