Video of Kid Getting a Nintendo NES Goes Viral and Is Pure Joy

Boy Cries After Receiving a Nintendo NES from His Parents.

My mother worked as a nanny growing up and she didn’t make much money. After eyeing a full-size pinball machine in the Sears Wish Book in the early 80s, she bought me one with what must have been at least a month’s salary at the time. It was the most heartfelt gift I ever received and remember going nuts when opening it. The point of the story is that when kids open a gift they truly want, their reaction is priceless.

One viral video from 1988 shows a young boy opening a Nintendo NES. He is so happy he can’t stop crying and hugs his dad forever. Apparently, he had been asking for an NES for months and his wish came true.

Watch this grateful kid crying after receiving a Nintendo NES console…


This reminds me of a moment when a boy gets a Nintendo Switch for his birthday and just loses it in a good way. Please share this heartwarming dose of 80s nostalgia when a kid cries after getting a Nintendo NES with your friends and family.

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