Boy Asks Google Home for the Next Clue in His Birthday Treasure Hunt. His Reaction Will Have You Smiling!

Google Home Surprises 7-Year-Old Boy with a Nintendo Switch.

We all remember getting excited over an epic birthday or Christmas gift. Just like this grandfather getting excited over his new pair of light up shoes, it doesn’t matter how old you are! Getting something you’ve always wanted is enough to make it the best birthday or Christmas ever!

A 7-year-old boy was treated to the best gift ever for his birthday. When he finally unwraps it, his excitement is sure to make you smile. His parents created an epic treasure hunt and the last clue was given by Google Home.

When he asks Google Home where is birthday gift is, he doesn’t hesitate to pick it up and bring it back in the house. Like many gamers, he wants a Nintendo Switch but probably never expected to get one. When he finally unwraps his gift, his reaction will make you grin from ear to ear!

Watch a 7-year-old boy’s unbridled excitement as he unwraps his birthday gift, a Nintendo Switch!


He is sure to remember this birthday forever because not only did he have an exciting treasure hunt, his treasure was a Nintendo Switch! Please share this little boy’s excitement as he unwraps a Nintendo Switch for his birthday with your friends and family.

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