The Creepiest Ghost Hunting Equipment Used by Professional Paranormal Investigators

The quest to unravel the mysteries of the afterlife has intrigued humanity for centuries. Ghost hunting, or paranormal investigation, is a fascinating journey into the unknown, where professional investigators dedicate their lives to exploring the supernatural. To aid in their quest, they have developed a range of specialized ghost-hunting gear.

In this article, we're going to check out some of the creepiest ghost-hunting gadgets used by the pros. These gizmos help bridge the gap between our world and the ghostly realm.

In this article, we’re going to check out some of the creepiest ghost-hunting gadgets used by the pros. These gizmos help bridge the gap between our world and the ghostly realm.

EMF Meters

EMF meters are like ghostly Geiger counters. They find changes in electromagnetic fields, which are thought to happen when ghosts are around. If the meter goes haywire, that’s a big sign something supernatural is going on. There are basic models and fancy ones that record data over time.

Ghost hunters take EMF meters to places they think are haunted. When the meter spikes, they know something ghostly might be nearby. Imagine standing in an empty room when suddenly the EMF meter goes wild – it’s like something out of a spooky movie.

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers help ghost hunters track changes in temperature. Ghosts are believed to bring in cold spots, so these thermometers are crucial. They spot areas where the temperature unexpectedly drops, a sure sign of ghostly activity.

Ghost hunters pay close attention to these temperature shifts. When it gets super chilly in a spot without a good reason, it’s marked for more investigation. It’s a bit eerie, standing in a place where the temperature mysteriously changes.

Spirit Boxes

Spirit boxes, also known as ghost boxes, are for live chats with ghosts. They quickly scan through radio stations, making white noise. It’s thought that ghosts can mess with this noise to talk to the living. Ghost hunters listen closely, hoping to hear voices or messages that prove a ghost is there.

Ghost hunters love using spirit boxes in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) sessions. They ask questions, and if they hear answers in the white noise, it’s a successful ghostly conversation. It can be unsettling when you hear responses in all that static.

EVP Recorders

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recorders are specialized audio devices that capture unexplained voices and sounds beyond the range of human hearing during investigations. Investigators believe these recordings may contain messages from spirits. They typically ask questions or make statements during an EVP session and leave room for potential spirit responses.

Listening to these audio recordings can be a chilling experience, as you hear voices and sounds that weren’t apparent during the investigation. It’s as if the spirit world is trying to communicate with the living.

Full Spectrum Cameras

Full spectrum cameras, equipped with modified lenses and sensors, capture a broader range of light, including ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. The goal is to record phenomena that may be invisible to the human eye but can be detected using these extended wavelengths.

These cameras play a vital role in capturing visual evidence of the paranormal. As investigators explore dimly lit locations, full-spectrum cameras reveal images and phenomena beyond our normal vision. They often capture spectral figures and anomalies that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras are indispensable for ghost hunting in low-light or total darkness. Most paranormal activity occurs at night, making these cameras essential. They use infrared technology to record clear images and videos in the darkest environments, casting an eerie green hue over everything.

Imagine standing in a pitch-black room, surrounded by the unknown, and then seeing your surroundings come to life in shades of eerie green as the night vision camera records every move. It’s an experience that sends shivers down the spine, knowing you’re in a realm where the supernatural is most active.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras spot temperature changes. Ghosts are known to make spots super cold or hot. These cameras show temperature differences by using different colors on the screen.

Ghost hunters use these cameras to check rooms and hallways. When they find a cold or hot spot with no good reason, it’s a big hint that a ghost is around. The weird colors make it even more eerie.

Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods are L-shaped metal or wooden sticks. Some ghost hunters use them to find energy or ghosts. The idea is that the rods move when they sense a strong energy source or a ghost nearby.

Ghost hunters walk around with the rods and watch for any movement. When they react, crossing or moving because of an unseen force, it’s a sign that something ghostly is happening. It’s creepy when the rods move on their own.


Pendulums consist of small, weighted objects on a string or chain. Paranormal investigators use them to ask yes or no questions to spirits. The idea is that spirits influence the pendulum’s movements, causing it to swing or rotate in response.

Watching pendulums in action can create an intimate and eerie atmosphere during investigations. The precise responses to questions, like the pendulum’s swinging or rotation, can be captivating and unsettling at the same time.

Ouija Boards

Ouija boards are mysterious tools for ghost hunting. They have letters and numbers on a board and a planchette you put your hands on. You ask questions, and it’s thought that ghosts move the planchette to spell out answers. However, using Ouija boards is risky since they might invite bad spirits.

Using an Ouija board is a bit unsettling. The planchette moves, and you might get strange messages. It’s a tool that sparks lots of debate in the ghost-hunting world.

Ghost Hunting Apps

In the age of smartphones, ghost hunters use apps to find the paranormal. These apps claim to detect ghostly activity using the phone’s sensors, like the accelerometer and electromagnetic field detector. However, their accuracy isn’t clear.

These apps have features like EMF meters, EVP recorders, and spirit boxes. They create a spooky atmosphere with screens showing changing data and strange sounds. But their reliability is still up for debate.

Spirit Balls

Spirit balls, or divination spheres, are crystal balls used for scrying. Scrying means looking into an object, like a crystal ball, to see hidden things. It’s believed that ghosts can communicate using visions in these balls.

Using spirit balls sets a mystical mood. As investigators look into the shiny crystal, they might see ghostly visions or get strange messages. It’s both enchanting and eerie.

Trigger Objects

Trigger objects are things left in haunted places to get ghosts’ attention. These objects could be personal things of the deceased, like toys or jewelry. The idea is that these items stir up memories or emotions in the ghosts and make them want to communicate.

As investigators wait for something to happen with these objects, the tension rises. The idea that a ghost might touch or move them is unsettling and adds more mystery to the investigation.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are commonly used in paranormal investigations to detect movement in areas where investigators are not present. If a motion sensor is triggered without any apparent cause, it is considered potential evidence of paranormal activity. These devices are typically placed in areas with reported paranormal occurrences, such as hallways or rooms with a history of ghostly manifestations.

The use of motion sensors introduces an element of suspense during investigations. The sudden activation of a sensor in an empty room can send chills down an investigator’s spine, as it suggests the presence of an unseen entity.

Geiger Counters

Geiger counters are instruments that measure radiation levels. In the world of paranormal investigation, some believe that ghostly entities can emit radiation or manipulate radiation levels in their vicinity. Geiger counters are used to detect fluctuations in radiation, often associated with the presence of spirits or supernatural phenomena.

Investigations that employ Geiger counters have an eerie undertone, as these devices emit audible clicks when radiation levels change. A sudden increase in radiation can be disconcerting, as it is viewed as evidence of spectral influence.

Laser Grids

Laser grids are employed to create a grid of laser beams in a room. The idea is to provide a reference point for investigators, making it easier to detect any movement or anomalies. Any interruption or disturbance in the laser grid is regarded as an indication of paranormal presence.

As investigators watch the grid closely, they may witness mysterious disruptions, such as

  • Shadows
  • Unexplained movements
  • Ghostly figures apparition

This experience is both captivating and eerie, as it hints at the presence of supernatural entities.

SLS Camera

Structured Light Sensor (SLS) cameras are built to spot and record human shapes in 3D. Ghost hunters use them to find figures or things that aren’t visible to the naked eye – these cameras project infrared light grids to catch any weird changes.

When an SLS camera picks up a figure that doesn’t match a living person, it’s seen as proof of a ghost. Seeing those ghostly figures on the screen can give you chills and make you question the afterlife.

Motion-Activated Dolls

Motion-activated dolls or toys are placed in haunted spots to catch a ghost’s attention. The idea is that ghosts might want to play with these objects and make them move. When a doll starts moving on its own, it’s a clue that a ghost is around.

Using these dolls in investigations adds a spooky vibe. As you watch these inanimate objects seem to come to life, you feel like there’s a link between the living and the ghostly world.

White Noise Machines

White noise machines are used to make a constant background noise that drowns out other sounds. Some ghost hunters think ghosts can change these sounds to talk or show they’re there. Investigators listen carefully, hoping to hear messages from the other side in the noise.

The creepy feeling created by this ghost-hunting gear is palpable. You listen closely, trying to pick out messages from the ghostly side amid all that noise. The idea that ghosts might use this for communication adds an air of mystery to the investigation.


The Ovilus is an electronic gadget that turns environmental data into spoken words. Some think ghosts can use the Ovilus to talk to the living. It creates words based on sensor readings, changes in electromagnetic fields, and temperature shifts. But this gadget is a mystery. Some people think its output is just random.

Using the Ovilus during an investigation can be baffling. It says words or phrases that investigators try to understand as messages from the other side. The unpredictability of the Ovilus adds an element of uncertainty to the investigation.

Specially Trained Animals

Animals, especially dogs, are believed to have heightened senses that can detect paranormal activity. You can read more about how dogs might perceive the supernatural in a fascinating article, check this out!

Some investigators bring specially trained animals to haunted locations to observe their behavior. Animals have been known to exhibit unusual reactions in allegedly haunted locations. They bark, growl, or act agitated which some interpret as a response to the presence of spirits.

Scent Detectors

Some paranormal investigators believe that spirits can emit distinctive odors. Scent detectors are used to identify and document any unusual or unexplained smells in a haunted location. While not a commonly used tool, scent detectors are employed to capture and document any mysterious or unexplained scents associated with paranormal activities.

Ghost Hunting Flashlights

Ghost-hunting flashlights are modified flashlights that can be turned on and off by twisting the cap, making them easy for spirits to manipulate. Investigators use them to establish communication. These flashlights are set up in a controlled environment, and investigators invite spirits to turn them on and off as a means of interaction and communication.

Ghost Hunting Gear Must-Have Used by Paranormal Investigators

Ghost hunting combines science and the unexplained in an exciting way. Ghost hunters use lots of tools to find and record paranormal stuff. But it’s important to stay open-minded and critical in this field.

Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, ghost hunting is a cool adventure into the unknown, where the line between the living and the dead blurs, and the mystery of the afterlife keeps us all captivated. So, get ready to dive into the world of ghost-hunting gear!

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