When He Sang “Lean on Me”, This Blind Autistic Boy Left Everyone in Awe

Christopher Duffley sings extraordinary cover of "Lean of Me."

Christopher Duffley is a miracle, plain and simple. He only weighed a pound when he was born premature and he had cocaine in his system because his mother was a drug addict which led to his blindness and autism. God gave him the strength to persevere and grow into the fine young man he is today.

Christopher¬†sings an incredible version of ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart’ and in the following performance, he sings the classic “Lean on Me” and leaves everyone speechless. He begins singing softly but his voice and his performance¬†build up to an impressive ending that is nothing but extraordinary.

Watch Christopher Duffley and the WOC Kid’s Choir…


Christopher continues to amaze me and so many others with this strong faith and determination to defy any obstacles in his life. Please share this amazing young man singing “Lean on Me” with your friends and family.

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