The Ross Sisters Will Leave You Astounded with Their Performance. I Still Can’t Believe My Eyes!

The Ross Sisters Singing 'Solid Potato Salad' in Broadway Rhythm.

During the golden age of Hollywood, there were incredibly talented artists and this trio of sisters got a big career boost when they appeared in the 1944 Broadway Rhythm. Born in West Texas, they performed across the united states and Europe during the 1940’s and their performances amazed audiences.

In this video, they sing a song called ‘Solid Potato Salad’ but their act soon changes into an incredible display of their contortionist abilities. Their performance is so amazing it stands the test of time and would dazzle audiences even today.

Watch the Ross Sisters’ performance in Broadway Rhythm…


Each member of the trio found love and married in the 1950’s and called it a career. Thanks to movies and YouTube, we can continue enjoying timeless classics such as performances from the Ross sisters.

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