This Teacher Was Walking the Halls of Her School. She Drops to the Ground When She Hears THIS!

A Caring Chorus: Choir Teacher Gets a Special Surprise by Her Former Students.

All of us have one or more teachers that left an impact on us and provided us with the tools and motivation to succeed. A choir teacher named Ms. Watson recently experienced some health issues and her former students wanted to reunite together and show her how much she truly means to them.

She thinks she is going to an interview; however when she walks through the halls, she encounters a former student who begins singing ‘Amazing Grace’. It immediately brings her to tears. One after another, more of her students join in and within minutes, an entire choir is singing for her.

Watch this short film by Kleenex entitled ‘A Caring Chorus’…


Her students wanted to show their appreciation for everything she’s done for them and for all of the kids she has inspired. Please share this beautiful short film entitled ‘A Caring Chorus’ by Kleenex with your friends and family.

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