When Mom Showed Her Ultrasound Images to Her 5-Year-Old, She Wasn’t Prepared for THIS Reaction

5-Year-Old British Boy Is Excited About Being a Big Brother.

Kids will always have unexpected reactions when finding out that they are going to be a big brother or sister. While some express disappointment because they might think they won’t have the full attention of their parents, others are elated when finding out a new baby is on the way.

This 5-year-old British boy definitely falls into the latter category because when his mother Sarah, shows him her ultrasound images, he gets a beaming smile when he finds out he will be a big brother. His disbelief that a baby is growing inside his mom’s tummy is adorable and he can’t wait to hold his little brother or sister in his arms.

Watch this 5-year-old’s reaction to becoming a big brother…


He must have dreamed of this moment because he simply can’t contain his excitement and is so happy. Please share this adorable 5-year-old boy’s reaction when finding out he is going to be a big brother with your friends and family.

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