Man Finds Bird With His Feet Frozen to a Pipe. What He Did Next Warmed My Heart…

Older Man Saves Tiny Bird Frozen to a Metal Fence Pipe.

While I like winter, I sometimes feel bad for all the animals that have to endure the sometimes harsh weather. Many volunteers often bring bales of hay or bird seeds to feed deer and birds to facilitate their search for food. It’s also heartwarming when people go out of their way to rescue animals in distress such as when a Norwegian swimmer dived to rescue a duck drowning as it fell through the ice.

While one little finch was searching for food, he got his feet stuck on a metal fence pole. His tiny feet immediately froze to the pole and he couldn’t fly away. When Nelson Wilson of Caldwell, Idaho, heard the cries, he noticed a bird was in distress. He rescued the bird in such a genius fashion that his rescue is going viral!

Watch this amazing rescue of a finch frozen to a fence…


Not all heroes have to wear capes and Wilson is one such hero. He took the time to help a tiny bird that found itself in trouble and it warms my heart. Please share this heartwarming rescue of a tiny finch with its feet frozen to a metal fence with your friends and family.

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