What These Bikers Found on the Side of the Road Will Break Your Heart

Every year, millions of pets are brought in to animal shelters but the saddest part is that a large percentage of these pets are brought in by strangers. These animals are found alone and scared and someone had the heart to pick them up and bring them to a shelter.

When Bret Winingar and his son Zach were riding their motorcycles one day, they found what appeared to be a pet crate in a field. Upon closer inspection, they found an emaciated dog that was trying to chew itself out of the crate.

Bret Winingar and his son Zach were riding along and they noticed a pet crate abandoned in a field.

Upon closer inspection, they found it was chewed up and something was desperately trying to get out.

They opened the crate and found a poor emaciated dog inside.

Zach rushed out to get some dog food so that they could feed her.

On the ride home, she trusted them and showed them her appreciation. They named her Charlie Bravo.

She realized she was being rescued and couldn’t be happier.

They gave her a much-needed bath and trimmed her ingrown nails.

They then scheduled a vet appointment to make sure she was healthy.

The veterinarian estimated she was about 8 months old but couldn’t determine how long she was abandoned for. They treated her sores since she was confined for so long.

Charlie has a new life thanks to Bret and Zach and she is enjoying life.

After her story exploded on social media, donations started pouring in to cover vet expenses.

They had a surplus of donations so they began donating it to other local animal shelters.

Bret wasn’t planning on adopting Charlie but he quickly did since she was a part of the family.

The family has 4 rescue dogs and Charlie gets along great with all of them.

Charlie deserves her new family and she’ll get all the love and care she needs!

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Charlie Bravo was given a second chance at life and if you want to follow her story, please visit her Facebook page. Please share this heartwarming rescue with your friends and family.

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