When Ellen DeGeneres Found out What This Teacher Did, She Was Moved to Tears

Ellen DeGeneres Heard Teacher Sonya Romero's Story and She Cried.

Teachers deserve so much because their jobs are not easy and they are so generous with everyone. And like this teacher dancing with students to ‘Uptown Funk,’ they also bring joy to their students’ lives. When Ellen DeGeneres picked this teacher out of the audience on her show, Sonya Romero, a Kindergarten teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, didn’t know what to expect.

When Sonya was brought up on stage, she explains how she is trying to make a difference for the kids in her class. Ellen surprises her with a video made by the kids in her class and Romero can’t hold back the tears. Ellen also gets emotional as she watches the video and Romero’s reaction.

Watch how hero teacher Sonya Romero makes a difference for the kids in her class…


Sonya Romero is an incredible teacher with such a kind heart. Please share this inspirational teacher’s story and how she is making a difference with the children in her class.

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