She Places Garlic Cloves Peeled End up in the Soil. Two Weeks Later, the Results Were Surprising!

Top 6 Kitchen Scraps You Can Use to Grow a Vegetable Garden.

Learning how to grow an organic garden free of pesticides is something every homeowner with a backyard can learn. Nothing beats the taste of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables that you grow yourself.

The best part is that many fruits and vegetables can regrow from everyday kitchen scraps. For example, slicing overripe tomatoes and placing them in soil is one of the easiest ways to grow tomato seedlings. But it doesn’t end with tomatoes! Fruits and vegetables like pineapples, celery, ginger, garlic, green onions, and round onions can easily be regrown by simply placing them in water or soil.

Learn how to grow a vegetable garden from kitchen scraps…


Every fruit and vegetable have seeds or roots we can use to regrow them infinitely depending on your local growing season. Please share these great tips for growing a garden from kitchen scraps with your friends and family.

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