She Discovered a 51-Year-Old Love Letter Written on Her Wall. What She Did Next Will Warm Your Heart.

When you begin renovating a home, you never know what you’re going to find. One family found a hidden room behind a bookcase but when Rebecca Churan of Sudbury, Ontario began renovating her home, she found something sweet instead. It was a writing on a wall that was written over 51 years ago.

Upon closer inspection, she noticed it was a beautiful love note that was written with the following words, “Germaine loves Roy, 1965 Mars 1st.” She cut away the piece of drywall and posted a photo on Facebook to try to find the original author of the letter. Within hours, she was contacted by Claudette Leblanc who told her it was her father who wrote the note. Ecstatic, Churan soon made arrangements to deliver it to Leblanc and her father personally on Easter Sunday.

92-year-old Roy Langdon wrote the letter for his late wife and he was speechless when he saw it. He and wife Germaine married in 1949 and had 6 wonderful children together. Roy lost his wife to cancer in 2006 but the couple shared a beautiful life together. This handwritten note was an amazing reminder of their love. It was such a heartwarming moment to be able to share a letter that brought joy to the couple. Mr. Langdon and his family will cherish it forever.

Rebecca Churan of Sudbury, Ontario found a love note written over 51 years ago while renovating her home. Through social media, she was able to contact 92-year-old Roy Langdon who wrote the note for his late wife.

The love note reads, “Germaine loves Roy xx 1965, March 1st.”

H/t: CBC

When families grow up together in a home, it’s amazing how much history there is. Thanks to Rebecca Churan who stumbled across this timeless note while renovating her home, some of that history was able to be lovingly returned to Roy Langdon and his family.

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