22 Kickass Life Hacks Every Awesome Girl Will Love

Being a girl in the 21st century isn’t easy but every tip you learn along the way makes life a little easier. Life hacks can be a girl’s best friend and passing a helpful tip to your bestie is the best way to say, “thanks for being my BFF!”

1) Make a DIY racerback workout shirt.

Give an old t-shirt new life with this DIY workout shirt tutorial.

2) Create your own magnetic makeup display and save counter space.

Have all your makeup available at a glance! All you need is a glue gun and magnets to create this DIY magnetic makeup display.

3) Add a stylish lace cuff to your jeans.

Make your jeans look even better with this DIY lace jean cuff tutorial.

4) Easily create cat eyes.

22 Kickass Life Hacks for Girls - Easily create cat eyes.

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Follow this cat eye cheat sheet for getting perfect cat eyes every single time!

5) Keep your bobby pins in place using hairspray.

If you have long straight hair that never holds bobby pins in place, spray them with hairspray!

6) Highlight and contour like a professional.

Learn awesome techniques and be ready to strike a pose with this highlighting and contouring tutorial!

7) Learn how to make your lips look fuller and more luscious.

Make your lips look fuller and bigger using these step-by-step instructions.

8) Put a pool noodle in your boots when storing them.

Keep your boots in great shape by using a pool noodle as a boot stuffer inside.

9) Create baking powder sachets to freshen shoes.

Keep all your shoes smelling fresh with these cute baking soda sachets. Eliminate shoe odors with this DIY baking soda shoe deodorizer sachet!

10) Give worn heels a new look.

Instead of throwing away your favorite pair of shoes because of worn heels, give them new life with this glitter heel fix tutorial.

11) Remove lint from clothing by using a pumice stone.

Follow these instructions for removing lint from your clothes using a lint roller and a pumice stone.

12) Create DIY hot packs using socks and rice.

These also make great personal gifts! Learn how to create these cute DIY homeopathic aromatherapy hot packs.

13) Transform old jeans into a pair of shorts in less than 20 minutes!

Recycle old jeans into a great looking pair of shorts this summer by following one of these 3 methods for turning jeans into shorts.

14) Learn how to fix scratched sunglasses.

A quality pair of sunglasses isn’t cheap so learn how to repair scratches using one of these 3 methods for fixing scratched sunglasses.

15) Find the perfect nude nail polish shade for your skin tone.

Find the perfect shade for you!

16) Learn how to get the most out of your mascara.

Run the wand under hot water to clean it and dip the wand back in the tube to help liquefy dried up mascara. Get this and more tips for getting the most out of your mascara.

17) Remove dried deodorant stains by rubbing it with a dryer sheet.


18) Create 12 new styles with your existing scarves.

Learn more about each of these 12 scarf styles. Looking for even more ways to tie a scarf? Learn how to tie a scarf 25 different ways.

19) Get your lips looking great all night long.

Learn these useful tips for making your lipstick last all night long.

20) Transform an ordinary candle into a pretty glitter candle.

These would look perfect for holidays such as Christmas or a New Year’s party. Follow this tutorial for creating DIY glitter candles.

21) Learn when to toss away old makeup.

Just like your refrigerator, it’s always a good idea to throw away expired makeup items. Learn how to organize your makeup with these simple tips.

22) Give your flats a new look by tying a bow.

Simply tie a bow around your feet before putting on your shoes for a cute and unique look.

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