A Loving Family Adopts a Blind Dog…and Later Adopts His Own Seeing Eye Dog

When a family decided to get a dog, they went to a local farmer who had a littler of dogs for sale. They chose an adorable Australian Shepherd puppy and brought him to his new home.

When they got home, they noticed something wasn’t right. The dog kept bumping into the things and they realized the dog was blind.

The next day, they went back to the farmer and explained that their dog was blind. Because the dog knew every square inch of the home, the farmer never realized he was blind but offered to take the dog back. The family wanted to keep him but they decided to got another dog from the same litter and his brother would be his seeing eye dog!

The family named their dogs Booker and Tiberius and these two brothers are inseparable.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 01


They were born together and today they are helping each other.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 02


When the family adopted Booker from a local farmer, they didn’t realize he was blind until they got home and he started bumping into things.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 03


The next day, they adopted his brother Tiberus who helps guide his brother around.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 04

Booker couldn’t ask for a better companion that his own brother.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 05


Together they have a great time and Booker is learning his surroundings.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 06


After all that playing, these two brothers need to take a nap and they’reĀ adorable.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 07


Tiberius probably doesn’t realize it but he is making a world of difference in his brother’s life.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 08


With the help of Tiberius, Booker will learn to navigate every square inch of his new home just as he did at his previous home.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 09


They are both lucky to have each other and they are also happy being with their new family.

Loving Family Adopts Blind Dog 10

H/t: Reddit

Both dogs are healthy and you can tell that they are so happy to be with each other. Please share this adorable dog that acts as a seeing eye dog forĀ his blind brother with your friends and family.

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