22 Awesome Ways to Turn Used Tires Into Something Great

22 Awesome Ways to Turn Used Tires Into Something Great

My dad was an expert at turning recyclable items into something beautiful and useful and he always found a way to repurpose items decades before recycling was cool. That skill of looking at something old and used and giving it new life can be acquired through practice and these 22 craft ideas made with used tires is a great place to start.

Tires are practical and can be used to create items for your home or yard that will be unique and beautiful. Whether you’re looking for a new flower pot for your yard or a new piece of furniture for your home, tires can be a perfect fit for many projects.

1) Build a relaxing pond with recycled tires.

You only need a few supplies to make your own recycled tires pond.


2) A colorful deck seating area with matching tire coffee table.

Give your deck a makeover with these colorful additions. Here is how to make this coffee table out of used tires.


3) Bring a whimsical feel to your garden with teacup tire planters.

There are so many varieties you can make. Here is a great tutorial to make teacup tire planters.


4) Keep the kids entertained with a tire climbing tower.

Kids will love playing outside and all this project needs are tires, wood beams, and few supplies. Here is how to make a tire climbing tower.


5) Use rope to build outdoor rubber furniture.

The only limit is your imagination with this furniture made with tires, wood, and rope.


6) A beautiful and unique ottoman you won’t find in a store.

You would never believe this ottoman was built with a tire. Here is a tutorial on how to make a tire and rope ottoman.


7) Don’t need an ottoman? How about a trendy tire table?

A sturdy table that looks great with any decor. Here is a tutorial on how to make a trendy table.


8) Create a lovely mirror frame with a bicycle tire.

There are so many types of bicycle tires available that your mirror can look like anything you want. Here are some tips for creating your own tire mirror.


9) A tire tread valance for car lovers.

What kid doesn’t love cars? Add some tire treads to your kid’s room with this tire tread valance.


10) A colorful sandbox made from a tractor tire.

Your kids will have the coolest sandbox in the neighborhood. Here is how to make a colorful sandbow with a tire.


11) Make one-of-a-kind seesaws for endless fun.

Kids will love these, especially if they get to customize them. Here is how to make seesaws with used tires.


12) Show off your plants with this awesome tire planter.

Hang this tire on the wall or even tie to tree branch with a rope! Here is tutorial to make a DIY tire planter.


13) Create a DIY dog bed.

Your dog(s) will love curling up in this comfortable dog bed. Here is how to make your own dog bed from a recycled tire.


14) Add a tire ladder to your kid’s outdoor play set.

A great way to recycle four or more tires and it’s fun. Here is how to make your own swing set tire ladder.


15) Create a unique umbrella stand.

Simply cut out holes in a tire and you’re done!


16) Create a Minions flower pot.

If your kids love the Minions movie, they’re sure to love this decorative planter.


17) Create mini planters from trailer tires.

If you have smaller tires, use them to build a creative garden.


18) Build a classic tire swing.

These are a staple on many playgrounds and you can build your own with larger tires.


19) Make an animal-themed tire swing.

There are many great tutorials that can be found on the internet or buy your own Big Buck Tire Swing at Amazon.


20) Make rubber birds from old tires.

Again, there are great tutorials that can be found on the internet for DIY rubber tire birds.


21) Create flower petal tire flower pots.


22) Get creative by building a tire love seat.

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The amount of projects you can do by recycling used tires in nearly limitless with a little creativity. Please share these 22 DIY projects using old tires with your friends and family.

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