She Started Dotting Her Nails and Created Awesome Floral Patterns Perfect for Spring!

Easy Spring Flower Nails Floral Print Flower Nail Designs.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because flowers and trees begin to bloom and show off their wonderful colors. Nail art designs that feature flower nail designs are perfect for spring and are so easy to create.

YouTuber cutepolish has created easy flower nails that are the perfect nail art design for spring and takes only minutes to do but looks terrific. All you need is a steady hand and a dotting tool to help create flower petals and achieve beautiful floral nail designs for spring.

Watch this easy flower nails tutorial for perfect spring flower nail designs!


Here are the supplies you’ll need to create the easy spring floral nail art patterns in the video:

  • Base coat
  • Steel blue polish
  • Light pink polish
  • Dark pink polish
  • Light green polish
  • Top coat
  • A dotting tool
  • Tiny paint brush or toothpick

That is all you need to create this springtime floral print nail art design that is perfect for beginners. Please share this beautiful floral print nail art design that is perfect for spring with your friends and family.

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