31 Hilarious Signs You’re Probably Addicted to Makeup. #8 Is a Possible Giveaway…

From that first moment a cute boy or girl catched your eye, you probably became crazed about makeup. There is nothing wrong with looking great but getting the hottest beauty products gets expensive.

If you spend your hard-earned money on getting the newest shades of lipstick or eyeliner, many women can relate. Constantly fantasizing about spending time in the beauty products aisle or finding the latest beauty life hacks? Here are 31 funny signs you’re probably addicted to makeup.

1) You have self-restraint when it comes to choosing what makeup to bring on vacation.

Reddit / itsmolls


2) “Everyday makeup” means a lot more to you than most people.

Twitter / dulcedelsol


3) You’ve mastered the “mascara face” when applying it in the morning.

Tumblr / mckibben


4) This is what you think of people when they say you wear too much makeup.

Twitter / nightprowIer


5) You learned how to apply makeup in no time at all.


6) You can probably relate to this at least once.


7) You know you spend too much on makeup but plan to scale back…someday.


8) You’ve reached VIP status at Sephora.

Instagram / snowflakezun


9) Your nail polish collection is so huge that you require numbered cases to quickly located that perfect shade.

Instagram / modlychic


10) You also have several identical lipsticks of the same shade. One for the car, purse, home, work, etc…


11) You like to use every shade possible. Why let them go to waste, right?

Instagram / prelovedbyfreiz


12) You’re always the first person to try out every new beauty trend.


13) You feel right at home in the cosmetics department.

Instagram / drazillizard


14) You want to try every shade imaginable at least once.

Tumblr / magicmuffin90


15) You like to push the envelope and give new meaning to “a little bit.”

Source Unknown


16) You’re subscribed to nearly every beauty subscription box service under the sun.

Instagram / anbeautysk


17) You judge people by their eyebrows.



18) You have the largest makeup collection so getting ready for a girl’s night out involves your BFFs meeting up at your place to get ready.


19) You understand applying makeup takes priority over hair.

Tumblr / anastasiabeverlyelle


20) You’re on a first name basis with the employees at the beauty counter.


21) You always worry what your makeup will look like in different lighting.

Twitter / unicornwing_


22) You go nuts when you get an email from Sephora.


23) You’ve tried going for a natural look but always end up going above and beyond.

Twitter / TaliaMarMusic


24) You’re an eco-friendly person but make an exception for endless plastic bottles and jars of makeup products.

Instagram / evachen212


25) Watching makeup videos is the equivalent of watching porn for you.


26) You live in fear that your favorite shade of lipstick will be discontinued.

Instagram / justineannav_


27) You’ve moved away from beauty bags and now require beauty cases to store your evolving collection of makeup.

Twitter / essence_de


28) You realize getting a natural look requires just as many cosmetic products.

tumblr / stxmachxche


29) You love getting all the latest beauty products and posting them on social media.

Instagram / lpbeautyblog


30) You wear so much makeup that you leave your mark everywhere you go.



31) You would die before giving up a free sample.

We all want to look great and love our makeup. Please share these hilarious signs that you’re probably addicted to makeup with your friends and family.

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