A Woman Starts to Sing an Ancient Swedish Song. Watch How the Cows React…

Woman Sings an Ancient Swedish Herding Call.

In ancient times, animal herders used hauntingly beautiful songs to herd their animals and even centuries later, animals are instinctively attracted to the beautiful sounds. In the Scandinavian region, these songs are called ‘Kulning’ and the high pitched sounds and calls would have easily traveled over mountains and valleys.

Swedish artist Jonna Jinton calls a herd of cows in the distance. The second she begins kulning, the cows immediately begin to notice the sounds and they begin to slowly walk towards her.

Watch this woman create a mesmerizing Swedish kulning herding call…


It is estimated that humans have been herding cows for over 10,000 years and they may have used similar techniques like kulning for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “Kulning – Ancient Swedish herding call” by Jonna Jinton:

  1. “Imagine hearing this when alone in a forest. Sounds like the beginning of a fairytale.” – Kookachulu
  2. “Imagine her singing the wrong one and accidentally summon an ancient demon.” – Summer Sunshine
  3. “All of these American-made fantasy movies with this kind of singing, and all the while the Swedes are like: ‘Why is the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings a bunch of cow calls? Wierd.'” – Simucom Reviews
  4. “Swedish Herder: Ah AHHH ah AH. Elsa: I cAn HeAR yOu.” – Philip Corpuz
  5. “So this is where the frozen 2 screenwriters got their influence from.” –
    Jackson Miller
  6. “I’m sorry but the cow mounting the other one to the music was the peak of this for me.” – Jess Holden
  7. “If I heard this in the wild I would have to assume I am the chosen one who must fight to save humanity from the grips of oblivion.” – Subject229

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