Waitress Helps a Customer with His Meal and Is Presented with a College Scholarship by the Mayor

It’s always amazing when people go above and beyond and perform acts of kindness. People that work in the service industry are always busy; however, when they take the time to ensure their customers are happy, it makes all the difference in the world.

At the Waffle House in La Marque, Texas, an older man with was having difficulty cutting his ham. He explained to the 18-year-old waitress that served him, Evoni Williams, that his hands weren’t working too well. Without hesitation, Williams took his plate and began cutting his ham. Another customer, Laura Wolf was taken by her act of generosity and posted a picture to Facebook where it immediately went viral.

Waffle House waitress Evoni Williams, 18, helps a customer with his plate after he mentions to her that he was having problems cutting his ham because his hands hurt.

Facebook / Laura Wolf

Williams works at the Waffle House full-time to help save up for her education; however, thanks to her caring heart and act of kindness, she was presented with not one but two surprises. First, she was recognized for her act of kindness by the city and the mayor proclaimed March 8th, 2018 as ‘Evoni Williams Day’. While that in itself is awesome, Texas Southern University also took notice of her caring gesture. To help make her education goals a reality, she was also awarded a 4-year scholarship totaling $16,000 to Texas Southern University.

To thank her for being an awesome person with a caring heart, the Mayor of La Marque, Texas awarded Williams with her own day and presented her with a 4-year scholarship to Texas Southern University.

Reddit / Aculanub

While many acts of kindness go unnoticed, it’s always great when people with caring hearts are recognized. Just like another employee helping a disabled elderly man with his meal at a McDonald’s restaurant, it’s employees like Williams that make a difference.

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