Mother Hums Song to Her Twin Babies. The Baby on the Right Has Me in Stitches!

Twin Babies Dancing as Mother Hums a Song Is Adorable.

It doesn’t matter how old you get or what kind of day you’ve had, watching a baby laugh always brings a smile to your face. Just like these twins dancing to Riverdance, these twin babies like to dance to a song their mother hums.

When their mom begins humming the EastEnders theme song, even if they don’t watch the popular British soap opera, they just love it. While they dance around in bed, they are grinning ear to ear and having the time of their lives.

Watch these adorable twin babies dancing to the Eastenders theme song…


At one point, the baby on right laughs so much that she rolls over on her back in laughter. It’s apparent that these two love their mom’s music and at only 8 months old, they are growing up loving music and dancing!

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