Mom Walks Up to a Goat with Her Baby Girl. What They Say Immediately Goes Viral!

Tiny Toddler and Baby Goat Have a Real Conversation and It's Hilarious.

The beauty of kids is that they can turn nearly any situation into one that will have you smiling or laughing. Just like this toddler having a conversation with her dad, what kids say might not make any sense to adults. In a similar instance, this baby toddler meets a goat and instantly starts having a conversation!

Once the baby goat begins to make a sound, this tiny human decides to make the same sound. If goats have a secret language, this human toddler just figured it out and is a natural goat whisperer.

Watch a real and hilarious conversation between a human toddler and a baby goat…


The actual “crying” sound that goats make is actually called ‘bleating’. According to experts, goats will make this sound for a variety of reasons and is not in distress. It could be that they’re hungry, or calling out their mother but it’s not unusual for goats to bleat for no reason at all.

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