When a Man Decided to Park in a Disabled Space, He Learned an Embarrassing Lesson

Man Parks in a Disabled Parking Space and Learns a Lesson.

Sometimes, people need to rush in somewhere and use a disabled parking space for convenience; however, parking fails like this one is against the law and inconsiderate. When a man in Maringa, Brazil, who isn’t disabled decided to park in a disabled parking space, pedestrians gave him the message in the most awesome way.

When he arrives at his car, he found it covered with blue and white Post-It notes. His car resembled a huge international disabled parking sign. He hopefully will get the message next time and think twice about parking inside a disabled parking space.

Watch what happens if you illegally park in a disabled spot in Brazil…


He was visibly angry but the only person he should be angry with is himself for carelessly parking in this disabled parking space! Please share this video of a man who parked in a disabled space and was taught a lesson with your friends and family.

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