22 Bad Parking Fails That Would Make Anybody Mad

22 Parking Fails That Would Make Anybody Mad

If you drive a car then you obviously have seen at least one bad parking job. Many people will simply shrug and disregard it but the following people who parked these cars definitely got informed about their parking fails in clever and funny ways.

1) He must have gotten the hint.

It reads: “Congratulations to today’s bad parking contest award winner. If you know this person, please treat them with the utmost respect. Clearly, they are better than you are.”

2) I suppose they didn’t notice the ‘No Parking’ bins.

3) Contractors have “inventive” ways of letting you know you broke parking etiquette.

4) They must have gotten the message, literally.

It reads: “You suck at parking. I just might post a picture of this on the internet for people to see…”

5) They have their own parking spot, awww.

A parking spot just for you!

6) This convertible owner showed them for stealing his spot.

7) Even Spider-Man doesn’t like people with bad parking habits.

It reads: “Dear Sir or Madam, You may have noticed that your vehicle seems to have found itself in two parking spaces. The truth is, it actually fits in one. For the benefit of all humanity, please lower your parking space consumption. xoxo, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.”

8) This car has several notes so they must have angered a few people with their bad parking fails!

9) Beautiful plastic wrap job.

10) Taking up 4 parking spaces? I think the message is warranted.

11) Driving 101: Don’t park in front of driveways.

It reads: “Parking Instructions: This is a driveway. Typically where the street meets the sidewalk there is a 4″-6″ raised platform. This is called a curb. Driveways to not have curbs. Don’t park in front of our freaking driveway. BTW – Showering is Later, rince, repeat”

12) Speaking of curbs…


13) This Lexus owner apparently thought they could use two parking spaces even if the lot is empty.

14) The Vet gets ’em…angry.

15) In this case, ‘H’ does not designate a handicap parking zone.

16) I think they need parking training.

A spot just for you!

17) They never got them memo about NOT parking in front of a fire hydrant.

18) Even with wide spaces, they still took two.

19) Don’t be a tool.

It reads: “When you park like a tool, you make people mad. When you make people mad, they write you notes. When they write you notes, they’re wasting their time. When they waste their time, they get more mad. Or is it madder? Now they’re doubting their grammar. Don’t make people doubt their grammar. DON’T PARK LIKE A TOOL!”

20) Princess parking.

21) Well, isn’t that special?

22) “We’ve got you surrounded!”

These drivers surely must haven’t gotten the point. If not, we’ll just have even more hilarious bad parking photos. Please share these hilariously bad parking fails with your friends and family.

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