They Performed a Unique Irish Step Dance. But, When He Did THIS, It Took My Breath Away.

Riverdance Irish Dance Group Perform Irish Step Dancing.

Riverdance is an incredible performance and the dancers who perform it are incredibly talented. In this performance, Irish dancers Nicola Byrne and Alan Kenefick began dancing together. Their performance alone was worth the price of admission.

But soon afterward, Alan dances solo and performs an incredible step dance with two drummers who follow him in sync. My jaw drops when he performs his routine with incredible accuracy and speed and he doesn’t miss a beat!¬†Another surprise happens further in the performance when an entire group of dancers joins Alan and Nicola and the energy level of their performance continually rises.

Watch this Riverdance Irish Dance Group Step Dancing…


Nicola Byrne was also one of the featured choreographers for “Take the Floor 2013” whose Irish dancers¬†performed a flash mob at the Dublin Airport…awesome! Please share this incredible Irish Dance Group performing Irish Step Dancing with your friends and family.

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