This Man Put Corn in the Cob in the Microwave and Created the Best Thing Ever

How to Microwave Corn on the Cob - Shucking Corn the Easy Way.

I remember my family cooking corn in the microwave when my Dad brought home a microwave for the first time. I love to microwave eggs but cooking corn in the microwave was like magic. It took only minutes and the corn was steaming hot and just the right tenderness.

In this video, grandpa Ken shows us how to microwave corn on the cob and when cooked, it just slips out of the husk without any pesky corn silks and is ready to eat! When shucking corn, it’s always difficult to remove all the ‘corn hair’, as my mother would say; however, when cooking it in the microwave, it eliminates that problem and no corn silks remain stuck to the corn.

Watch how to microwave corn on the cob and get clean ears of corn every single time…


If you want to cook more than 2 ears of corn at once, many microwaves are large enough to accommodate 4 or more ears of corn and you would just need to adjust the cooking time. Here’s a tip: While the video states 8 minutes for 2 corn husks, I recommend taking them out of the microwave once you start smelling the delicious aroma of cooked corn which can take anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes.

Please share this great tip for cooking corn without getting annoying corn silks stuck to it with your friends and family.

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