Father and Son Create a Revolutionary Beehive That Lets Honey Flow Out

Father and Son Create a Revolutionary Beehive That Lets Honey Flow Out, the Flow Hive.

Imagine a tap where sweet honey flows out automatically and honey bees aren’t disturbed during the process. Beehives have had the same design for centuries and the Flow Hive is the biggest innovation in beekeeping since 1852.

It is the idea of Stuart Anderson and his son Cedar Anderson, a family of beekeepers for three generations. They have been developing and refining the design over the past 10 years. It allows honey to be extracted without disturbing the bees and reduces the time and stress of producing honey.

There is a phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder. It is a huge problem since bee pollination is extremely important for our ecosystem; however, this system should help prevent this since bees are not constantly disturbed while gathering the honey.

Watch the full reveal of the Flow Hive which has earned more than $13 million dollars on its Indiegogo fundraising campaign!


Perhaps the most incredible thing about this product is that it will result in raising the interest level in beekeeping and create a community of hobbyists. Because of the simplicity of the Flow Hive, they will be able to install this in the backyard and get fresh and delicious honey on demand. Honey fact: Did you know honey is the only food that does not rot and remains edible for thousands of years?

If you would like to support their Indiegogo campaign or even purchase one, please visit their Indiegogo page or website. Please share the innovative Flow Hive with your friends and family.

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