She Grabbed a Pair of Scissors and Made THIS Using Men’s Underwear

How to Make a Sports Bra by Upcycling Mens Underwear.

You may remember how someone turned an old sock into a cute winter decoration but I never expected that men’s underwear could be reused to make something so useful. Depending on the type of sports bra you wear, some are pretty expensive but I bet you didn’t know inexpensive men’s underwear could be used to make DIY sport bras.

While it may not offer the most support, this DIY sport bra is great to wear while going for a walk, doing yoga, or any other type of physical activity. You don’t even need to sew anything! All you need is a pair of scissors and a pair of men’s underwear.


Sure, you can look through your husband’s underwear drawer but men’s underwear is so inexpensive that it still be less expensive than buying several sports bras.  Please share this great tip with your friends and family.

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